Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ek pari Paagal si Lyrics ( Chords will be uploading soon)

Ek pari paagal si song lyrics from Impatient vivek
The song is like a fresh breath of cool air
You are the angel in my dreams
i see
i wanna be with you,
forever and ever
you are the angel that i need
who makes me so complete
dont want to be with you, never
beauty and grace,
visions of your smiling face

ek pari pagal si, aur kuch nadaan si
door pari desh se, aayimehmaan si
baarish mein bheegti
baarisj mein bheegti
sab se alag, sab se juda
anjaan si
ek pari pagal si

mahue ha pi ke utara
mausam bhi dol raha tha

aag kano mein uske
kuch to bhi bol rah tha

lag ke seene si
mil rahi thi aise jaise
barson ki purani si pehchan thi

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